What are the Best Fruits to Enjoy in Suffolk?

what-are-the-best-fruits-to-enjoy-in-suffolkThere is no doubt that when you are visiting Suffolk you’re going to be doing a lot of dining out. However, there are many other ways to enjoy the wonderful food fare that can be found here. If your accommodation allows for in-house food preparation then you are going to want to take advantage of the many farm shops and farm markets that can be found in Suffolk.

Not only will you be able to buy some of the best food fare available here including the many different types of fresh fruits you will become well educated in the background of the growing and producing of the food. The food producers here are very proud of what they provide and they like to share their stories.

While you will want to choose the fruits that are in season, if you happen to be there during the summer months you definitely don’t want to pass up the strawberries and raspberries. For a little extra fun you can visit some of the farms in the area and do your own actual picking.

If you are eating breakfast out make sure that you ask for a side order of these fruits to enhance your overall breakfast meal. Another alternative to enjoy a good breakfast in between your tourism trips is to make sure that you stop at one of the many available pubs or caf├ęs to enjoy not only a wonderful pint of brew but some fresh fruit to go with it, or perhaps one of the many well-known desserts that are comprised of these fruits. There is so much good food to enjoy in Suffolk that you are no doubt going to find that a lot of your time is being taken up with enjoying as much of it as you possibly can consume.