All About the Suffolk Seafood

all-about-the-suffolk-seafoodThere are a lot of people who really enjoy their seafood and then there are those that don’t have a fancy for it. If you are paying a visit to Suffolk one thing that you want to do is have an open mind and at least try the seafood cuisine that is offered here. It may very well be that you will soon become a seafood lover once you do.

Fish fare is so important to the Suffolk people that there is actually a festival that is held every year. It is called the Woodbridge Shack and it is a great time to visit when this festival is on because it gives you the chance to sample the different types of fish that can be found here along the Suffolk coast.

For the residents that live here they expect nothing but the freshest and the best when it comes to their seafood. Most will buy their fish from the fish huts that are so prominent along Aldeburgh Beach. When it comes to the freshwater oysters there are none considered any better than those that come from or Orford. When you are looking for a place to dine here with seafood selections in mind you are going to find that the restaurants here insist on providing the same quality in their seafood as what the locals place on it.

If possible during your stay here you may want to try the seafood on different occasions so that you can experience a variety of the many different types, as you will not be able to do it in one sitting. When choosing your restaurants you will find that you can choose from those that just specialize in sea foods, or you can go with a multi-choice restaurant that surely will include a selection of the seafood on their menus.