2 Must-Try Indian Restaurants In Suffolk

Everyone loves food. Many like to discover and explore new restaurants around their own area or while visiting in another city or country. One of the most popular cuisines, that people love to try out, is South Asian cuisine, also known as Desi cuisine, which includes the cuisines from the Indian subcontinent. Indian food is delicious: who does not like a spicy chicken curry with perfect basmati rice? Or dipping garlic bread to a herby sauce with Indian cottage cheese? Indian cuisine has also an unlimited option for vegetarians, which makes it even more unique. It is healthy, spicy and overall delicious!

shutterstock_127523375Attention Food Lovers in Suffolk

Food blogs are getting more and more visible and popular. People are interested to learn about food and to discover the best nearby. Everywhere in the UK you can find a wonderful variety of restaurants waiting to be explored. The best website for discovering the finest restaurants around Suffolk area is the British Larder Suffolk one at pcfre.org.uk. It is perfect also for those, who are visiting Suffolk, and want to know more about which cuisines, restaurants, and foods the locals appreciate and love. The site is approachable and professional, yet interesting and clear. All food-lovers living or visiting in Suffolk should pay a visit to this site!

Do Not Miss These Indian Restaurants in Suffolk

In every city, there is a huge variety of different restaurants to choose from and it might be challenging to decide, which one to go to. Here are the two best Indian restaurants in Suffolk to make the decision easier for you. Firstly, an Indian restaurant called Maharani has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and an extremely polite staff. The food is yummy and full of deliciousness. The second best Indian restaurant is Biryani Hut. The food is made in a small trailer, thus, it has a street touch to it and it offers one of the best Indian foods you have ever tasted. Both restaurants are vegetarian and vegan friendly!